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Equal Opportunity Employer

PP&S, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

It is the policy of this Company to comply with all applicable regulations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended and Executive Order 11246, as amended.

This Company will provide employment free from discrimination and harassment based on race, color, religion, sex, age, disable veterans or veterans of the Vietnam era, national origin, or the disabled. This pertains to current employees as well as current working conditions and all actions affecting hiring, promotions, transfers, training, compensation, benefits, and termination of employment. It is the policy of PP&S, Inc that we do not maintain or provide for our employees any segregated facilities at any of our establishments, and that we do not permit our employees to perform their services at any location, under our control, where segregated facilities are maintained. Adherence to this policy and compliance with the law are expected of all employees.

Any employee who believes they have been the subject of harassment or discrimination should report such acts to their appropriate supervisor and/or the EEO Officer immediately. The EEO Officer will inform every complainant of all his or her avenues of appeal. Each complaint will be investigated promptly and no retaliation will be made against any employee who reports such acts. Should the complaint be registered and the investigation indicates discrimination or harassment that affects other employees, corrective action will be taken to eliminate the discrimination or harassment.

Jack M. Hagood has been appointed Equal Employment Officer for PP&S, Inc. and will implement the EEO Policy and Plan. Jack M. Hagood, EEO Officer can be reached at (864) 233-1990, or at the above address. Each manager, supervisor, and foreman will monitor the progress of the Policy and Plan and is expected to carry it out successfully throughout the company.

Compliance of this policy is expected of all employees.

If complaints remain unresolved by our company, please contact any of the following for further assistance:

Jack M. Hagood
EEO Officer

Rev. 08-2009